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All That Blings is Shion

All That Blings is Shion
April 04
11:50 2019

Fashion, January Issue

Chirasmrita Devi, NET Bureau

They say life is too short to wear boring jewellery. If you are still stuck with the boring ones here is the gem to start this year with some exceptional pieces to adorn yourself. The new accessory boutique in Guwahati is Shion!. Started by Avishruti Sarma, Shion is that one accessory hub which can cater all your needs of the accessory lovers. Lets’s explore more about Shion and the inspirational story of the patron.


Know the Patron

Hailing from Guwahati, Avishruti’s story is going to inspire one and all. Right from leaving her job in government sector to coping with the deaths of her only brother and father-in-law, Avishruti’s life was going on a rough road with lots of speed-breakers. But the major shock was when she was diagonised with Epilepsy in 2017. Instead of succumbimg to it, Avishruti decided to do something in life. “If I have to die, I would rather die while doing some adventure rather than on a bed”, says Avishruti who loves travelling. With support from her husband Raktim Goswami, her sister-in-law with whom she shares a mother-daughter bond and her closest friends, Avishruti chose to live life than to just breathe. Now, she is a proud owner of Shion and equally proud of herself. “I believe that every woman is special and unique is their own ways and hence should be proud of themselves. Be yourself and be unique! I believe that’s what Shion is all about,” says Avishruti.


Avishruti Sharma


What Shion Offers

The very idea of Shion  was conceived way back in 2014 by Abhishruti and it was launched on September 10th 2018. The main aim of Shion, according to the patron, is to provide high fashion uncommon jewellery to the regional customers.

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Located at Rajgarh, Guwahati, Shion has an extensive collection of accessories ranging from Earrings to bracelets to neckpieces to fancy scarfs, bags and what not. You name it, you get it. The boutique has different sections for different genres and styles of accessory like traditional, bohemian, for kids etc. Apart from the diverse collections, one of the perks of being a customer of Shion is that, if you are looking for a particular accessory and you can’t find it anywhere, you can contact Avishruti. If you tell her about the requirement and give her the required time, she gets it ordered from her sources.


Many of the collections have been featured and adorned in the Assamese entertainment industry. Recently, one of the collections by Shion was worn by Assamese Actor Prastuti Parashar in one of her songs. Avishruti plans for such collaborations with film industry in future as well.

Price Range

Shion has accessories starting from Rs25 and the price goes on depending on the product, its design and material. Some of the accessories are ordered from abroad, hence the price varies depending on many factors.

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Future of Shion

According to Avishruti, there are some exciting plans for Shion which is in a very nascent stage to reveal. “Exapnsion shall be there, along with some interesting collaborations which shall be revealed in near future”, says an excited and optimistic Avishruti.



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