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Article 371(A) ‘a stumbling block’ to development of Nagaland

Article 371(A) ‘a stumbling block’ to development of Nagaland
May 27
11:24 2019

NET Bureau

Nagaland adviser to Rural Development department Nicky Kire has said that the Article 371(A) of the Constitution that guarantees protective rights to the Nagas has become a stumbling block to the development process in the State.

“Using the provisions of the Article 371(A), landowners don’t allow government to carry on with developmental activities in their land and seek higher rates of compensations,” Kire said while addressing the silver jubilee celebrations of Yimchungrü Union Kohima at Nagaland Baptist Church Council convention hall in Kohima on Saturday, sources said.

The MLA rued that while landowners do not allow developmental activities in their land without land compensations, they want the government to look after any damages caused by natural disaster.

“If the Nagas want to protect their land through Article 371(A), they should also take care of the damages caused to their personal properties instead of blaming the government for everything,” he said.

Kire stressed that the developmental activities are for the welfare of the public and the landowners should not bring in Article 371(A) as a stumbling block for development and progress. He called upon the Nagas to be farsighted.

Also, stating that jobs in the government sector have reached a saturation point, Kire called upon the educated Naga youths to equip themselves to face the challenges of competition. He also exhorted them to take up sports as a profession as it has become one of the biggest industries and lucrative avenues for self-sustenance.

Further, he said, Kohima, being the capital of the State, is not of the Angami tribe alone but resembles a mini Nagaland with all the Naga tribes migrating there for employment and jobs. The State capital is also like mini India with people from other parts of the country working in Kohima, he added.

Kire stressed the need for better unity among the Nagas by not isolating themselves but having better understanding and coordination with other tribes.

Source: The Assam Tribune


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