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Homemakers Making Money

Homemakers Making Money
February 25
14:24 2020

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Are you a homemaker? If yes, have you ever found yourself in a situation when you are in a social event with your husband and when somebody asks ‘what do you do?’ your husband replies with “oh! She does nothing. She is a homemaker”? if your answer is again positive then you are not alone. In spite of being the most challenging full-time job, being a homemaker is still the most unacknowledged job in India. If you are among those homemakers who want to build an identity of your own and earn some bucks at the same time then check out these work-from-home job options with minimum investments.

Running a Cloud Kitchen

The food industry is booming like  anything  in the Northeast especially in cities like Guwahati. However, to open a restaurant requires a lot of money. Thcloud kitchene solution here is the concept of cloud kitchen. A so called cloud kitchen has no physical presence and has a delivery-only model. It is basically a takeaway outlet that provides no dine-in facility. You have to tie up with the online delivery apps through which the food can be ordered online, hence, the name cloud kitchen. You will also need some helpers to help you in cooking and packaging. As the competition is high currently, you need to do some online promotion to attract customers.

Being a Translator

ttIn this era of globalization, knowing multiple languages can come really handy. If you are fluent in quite a few languages then you can become a translator as there is a lot of scope for someone who can translate, interpret, and proofread documents from one language to another mostly to English. Fluency in a foreign language will be a cherry on the cake for you. The main work of a translator is to translate a text from one language to the desired one. There are also certificate and diploma courses available which you can do to hone your skills. There are number of websites where you can apply for a freelance translation job.




Pet Crèchec

If you are an ardent lover of animals and have sufficient space in your house, then you can start your own small pet creche. A pet crèche or daycare is a place where the pets are been kept and taken care while their owners are at work. Some of these places even conduct fun activities and provide grooming services for the pets. You need to have some animal loving staff for feeding, cleaning and keeping an eye on them as our little friends can be really naughty at times. Also, you and your staff would require to have the basic knowledge to identify injuries and conditions that may require veterinary attention.

Being a YouTuber

ytWhat would a homemaker do in YouTube? Well, the list would be never-ending. YouTube is a Platform where you can find videos on anything- right from how to open a can to how to make a rocket. Interestingly, there  are lots of homemakers in India who  have millions of subscribers in their YouTube channels. All you need to do is pick up something you are really good at- be it cooking, dancing, crafting, gardening, makeup or even giving advices to people. Once that is decided, just make a video, do some minor editing and post it. To earn money in YouTube you need to have views and subscriptions. Hence, you will need to promote your channel via other social media platforms, collaborating with popular YouTubers or tying up with brands.



Those of you who have a knack for writing can opt for blogging. You can sit at your home and yet reach to a lot of people through your words. You can start by creating your own blog. Deciding the blog name is important. In certain cases you also need to buy the domain name. You can blog about anything such as Cooking blog, teaching blog, tourist blog, beauty and makeup blog  etc.  It  takes some time to start making money on your blog because you need to spread a word about your blog to the world. Without visitors to your blog, you cannot make money.


pf you love capturing pictures then you can make some money out of your lens as well. With the booming of social media everybody wants to be a ‘model’. However, the fact is that not all can afford a Daboo Ratnani. You can start a studio of your own at your home or you can even use your lawn or terrace as outdoor settings. You can do portfolio shoots or fashion photography for the budding and promising models starting with a shoestring budget. Another fact is that there is a lot of competition in this field as well as nowadays everybody with a DSLR believes that he/she is a photographer. To polish your skills you can also take up photography courses which are easily available.





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