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Nagaland: Call for Efforts to Make A Tobacco Free State

Nagaland: Call for Efforts to Make A Tobacco Free State
June 01
12:43 2019

NET Bureau

In solidarity with the ‘World No Tobacco Day 2019,” several pan shops in the state capital Kohima yesterday refrained from selling tobacco products.
Marking the day, National Health Mission (NHM), Mission Director, Dr Kevichüsa Medikhrü stressed on the need to put a concerted effort to make Nagaland a tobacco-free state.
Events were held all across the state on this year’s World No Tobacco Day theme ‘Tobacco & Lung Health.’

Medikhrü said that efforts made by the National Tobacco Control Team have helped decrease the number of smokers in public places. He also stated that in 2002-03, there was a high risk of pre-cancer from students who were in a habit of taking gutka, and considering the high alert of the usage, the department notified on restriction of tobacco product sale within 1000 metre periphery of schools. He also lauded the effort of the tobacco control cell for bringing down the consumption level through various interventions and activities.
He further encouraged efforts towards making more towns and districts tobacco-free.

 ‘Tobacco & lung health’

Speaking on the theme ‘Tobacco & lung health,’ Dr. Asünü Thong, Kohima District Tuberculosis Officer said that tobacco causes 7 – 8 million death a year worldwide. Out of 8 million, 1 million die from second-hand smoke, she adding that India is the second largest producer and consumer of tobacco.

This year, the campaign will increase awareness on the negative impact that tobacco has on people’s lung health and the fundamental role lungs play in the health and well being of people.
Tobacco products contain 4000 Chemicals, 40 Cancer-causing agents, 500 Poisons, Nicotine, Carbon Monoxide, Tar, Acetone (Nail polish remover), Ammonia (toilet cleaner), Cadmium (battery), Arsenic (Rat poison), Formaldehyde (dead body preserver), she stated.

 Voice of children

Hatdelvah Haokip, a student of Little Flower Higher Secondary School Kohima also spoke during the event in Kohima stating: “We lost our near and dear ones who were victims to tobacco and yet, no one really values the priceless possession of good health in the mortal world.”
“The time is ripe for us to stand together hand in hand and fight against tobacco products,” she said. “If you still choose to consume tobacco products despite of your knowledge about its consequences, you are committing suicide because it was your choice in the first place. Life has so many things to offer us and we have miles of journey to cover, why waste time on tobacco products when we could triumph in this world,” she added.

 Success story of tobacco-free college

Litoli Kiba, Assistant Professor from the Department of Education from Mt. Olive College, Kohima shared on the activities and achievements in making their college a tobacco free college. The anti tobacco cell was formed under the cleanliness and sanitation committee and the college was declared ‘tobacco free college’ by the tobacco control unit, Directorate of Health and family welfare.
She said the main task of the cell is to create a healthy environment for the students by keeping them away from harmful substance abuse i.e. tobacco and its products.
Dr. Arenla Walling, District Nodal Officer (DLCC) Kohima meanwhile announced the winners of the Inter School Collage making competition held on May 24. The winners were 1st prize – Nounesenuo & Akhriekuo from Mewi Hr. Sec. School; 2nd prize – Rokuovono & Rokobino Meyase from Dainty Buds; and 3rd prizes to Alovito & Temjentoshi from Chandmari Hr. Sec. School.




Source: The Morung Express


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