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Northeastern Airports turns plastic free

Northeastern Airports turns plastic free
February 21
17:35 2020

NET Bureau

Three Northeastern Airports- Guwahati, Agartala and Imphal, has completed a year of being ““single-use plastic-free” terminals.

In a statement issued by the Airport Authorities of India (AAI), according to the directions issued by the Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change, 35 AAI-run airports were declared “single-use plastic-free airport terminals” in January 2019.

Various steps were undertaken by AAI to eliminate the single-use plastic items at passenger terminals and city side of AAI airports. These steps include banning of single use plastic items like straws, plastic cutleries, plastic plates etc. AAI has also enhanced its waste management systems and is promoting the use of eco-friendly, sustainable alternatives progressively like use of bio-degradable garbage bags in bins and installation of plastic bottle-crushing machine at airports. AAI has also took the initiative of starting various awareness campaigns for sensitizing all stakeholders specially passengers towards the cause and to drive engagement and cooperation from all of them.

The statement further added, “Rampant modernisation and commercialisation are leading to exerting our planet and making its devoid of its natural resources. Being an environmentally-conscious public sector enterprise and for underlining its commitment towards its corporate social responsibility, Airports Authority of India taking a pioneering initiative, decided to make its airports plastic-free by banning the use of single-use plastic items at its airports across the country in September 2018.”

It said in ensuring the successful implementation of dissuading the usage of single-use plastic items, AAI has been carrying out internal audits of its airports along with stakeholders.

The AAI engaged Quality Council of India to assess/check the implementation of the ban on single-use plastic items at its airports in November 2018. The AAI has also formulated an environment policy which envisages its commitment for reduction of greenhouse gases and sustainable development by implementing cost-effective carbon mitigation action to conserve the environment and reduce the adverse impact on society, community and ecosystem, thus contributing to national sustainable development goals


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