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NPCC suggests action plan to contain COVID-19

NPCC suggests action plan to contain COVID-19
March 25
10:24 2020

As Nagaland intensifies the fight against COVID-19, NPCC appeals to all political parties to come together and secure the lives and future of our people caught in the quagmire of this global pandemic. While fear and panic has gripped people with the start of lockdown, the plight of those especially from least privileged sections of the society are increasing day by day.

In these times of uncertainty, we urge PDA government to be truthful to the people and understand the plight of those waging battle against COVID-19 especially health care workers who are facing the brunt of deep neglect and massive misgovernance over the years. Lack of good health infrastructure and the situation where health care workers are put to work without much protective gears and equipments is a cause for serious concern. It is also learnt that monthly salaries of nurses employed on contract basis are still pending which is appalling. Moreover, thousands of daily wage earners and small scale business owners are staring at bleak times.

Therefore, NPCC suggest the following action plan to substantiate the government’s effort in containing COVID-19 and the resultant fallout that is going to create a huge socio-economic crisis:

1.     Enforce total lockdown in urban areas across the state with exemption only to essential goods & services. Direct Village/Colony councils especially in urban areas to sensitize people and prevent unnecessary movements within respective jurisdiction. Village Councils of villages located near the porous boundary of neighbouring states must be empowered to check movement of people in absence of state police personnel.

2.     The message of ‘Stay Home Stay Safe’ along with basic hygiene routine must percolate down to lowest level, understood and followed by all people.

3.     Order people with recent travel history to affected countries to report and get tested or face punishment later on.

4.     Urge government of India to set up COVID-19 Testing Laboratory with experts on urgent basis in Nagaland as they did in Iran to evacuate stranded Indians.

5.     Priority procurement of medical equipments to fully arm health care workers and refurbish existing medical infrastructure on war footing especially quarantine facilities rather than indulge in adhoc arrangements outside existing medical facilities.

6.     Apart from health care workers, police and other emergency/essential service workers have to be fully protected with mask and clothing gear that meets prescribed requirements. Special monetary allowance must be granted to those working in frontline against COVID-19.

7.     During lockdown period, free rations as per scale must be issued to every deserving household through existing delivery mechanism.

8.     On the lines of other states, a certain fixed amount must be sanctioned to those daily wage earners and workers who are facing the brunt of lockdown.

9.     Masks and hand sanitizers should be made freely available and distributed to all citizens.

10.     Routine health bulletins from a single government source to keep people well informed.

11.     Cyber police must monitor those indulging in spreading rumors or fake stories through social media platforms that is creating more panic among the populace.

12.     Political leaders especially from the ruling government must avoid attempting to convert battle against COVID-19 into an event management spectacle as it recently happened after Janta Curfew on 22nd March.


Press release issued by NPCC media cell



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