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Symptoms of COVID-19 recorded by Survivors

Symptoms of COVID-19 recorded by Survivors
March 20
21:34 2020

You are standing at the bus stop wearing a mask and listening to your favourite song with earplugs on and then suddenly, the person next to you goes… Aaaatchooooo!!

Scared right?

‘Jaise har chamakti cheez sona nahi hoti

Waise har cheenk Corona nahi hoti’

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Just like the virus itself, myths and rumours about COVID-19 have also spread to a large extent. This has resulted in panicky and fear among the masses. As the symptoms of virus are quite similar to that of flu and common cold, people get terrified even at a mere cough or sneeze. As the world still awaits a cure, some of the survivors of this deadly virus have quoted some explained some of the symptoms. Check these out!

Burning Eyes: Burning or itchy eyes can be caused by many other reasons like dust or allergies etc. One of the survivors from Wuhan City in China, Connor Reed showed symptoms of flu and then his eyes started to burn severely which was followed by headache.

Body Pain: People infected with the virus have complained about severe body pain. The pain is perhaps due to the fever and it can spread from the chest to different areas of the body. A survivor from Seattle Elizabeth Schneider revealed that body pain was one the first symptoms she experienced along with headaches and high body temperature.

Painful Sinuses: Sinuses can be very painful if you are infected by the coronavirus as expressed by Connor Reed who was one the first person to be infected by the virus. He said that he experienced very painful sinuses accompanied by thumping head and burning eyes.

Ear pressure: Connor also revealed that he suffered from severe ear pain and felt like they would pop anytime. The virus leads to clogging of ears and this can be reason of the pressure that one feels inside the ears. Also use of earbud is not advisable in this case as it can be prove to be more harmful.

Narrow Throat: Constant coughing can lead to a sore and constricted throat. Infected people will have breathing issues and pain while swallowing. In case you have similar symptoms you should get a checkup done immediately. One of the survivors from Italy Andrew O’ Dwyer said that the cough took a toll on him severely and he was finding it very difficult to control it.

Severe Headache: Headache is basically common when you are suffering from flu. If it becomes severe then accompanied by others symptoms then you need to get a checkup. According to Kevin Harris frpm Ohio, the headache he experiences was unbearable.

Fatigue: Most of the diseases are accompanied by fatigue. In case of the first Thai citizen to contract the virus, Jaimuay Sae-Ung, she suffered from loss of appetite and hence she felt tired all the time.

Fever: Fever is the first symptom if this virus. However, you shouldn’t panic as fever is a common symptom of any virus infection. Delhi’s first COVID-19 patient said that he had fever while was returning from Italy and it was recurring.


Pass outs: As the virus makes the patients lose their appetite and feel tired, they often have the feeling that they are about to pass out. Davis & Sallu Abel had this issue of passing out through out the time they were infected with the virus.

Cough: Cough accompanied by fever is also a symptom of the virus. Carl Goldman feom Santa Clarita had fever when he was coming back to America. The coughs in case of Coronavirus aee persistent. It’s always good to cough on a flexed elbow which was advised the WHO as well.

(The inputs of the survivors have been taken from an article by Times of India)


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