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The Muslim Council Dimapur clarifies on the people associated with the Nizamuddin Markaz event

The Muslim Council Dimapur clarifies on the people associated with the Nizamuddin Markaz event
April 06
13:02 2020

The Muslim Council Dimapur (MCD) has clarified that only one person from Dimapur has attended the Tablighi Jamaat conference in Nizamuddin Markaz, Delhi and returned to Dimapur on March 12.

In a press release issued by the MCD, it has been stated that the person who attended the Nizamuddin Congregation on 7th and 8th March 2020, have returned to Dimapur on 12 March. Upon his arrival the MCD traced him and handed him over to the medical authorities, the family members of the person were also put into quarantine and all have tested negative COVID-19.

In the press release issued by A Rahman, Working President of MCD mentioned that two more persons from New Market who actually went to Delhi’s Nizamuddin for business purposes were also identified and handed over to the authorities, besides being put under quarantine at the facilities in Dimapur. The duo too tested negative for COVID-19.

Clarifying to a letter circulated on social media and signed by Keron Janger, Chairman, Old Showuba Village Council, Dimapur, on Sunday that had a list of 10 people returning from a religious gathering in Guwahati on March 20, the council claimed that all of them had been put in home quarantine.

As informed by the council, this group had been in Tabliq Jammat at Narangi in Guwahati since February 10 and, on competition of 40 days they returned back on March 21. The members in the group were also checked at the Dimapur Railway Station and had gone to their respective villages. This group was in Guwahati for the entire 40 day period before their arrival on March 21, the statement specified.

Expressing concern over the prevailing situation, it further stated that, due to the Tablighi/Nizamuddin issue there was a growing concern among the citizens in Dimapur, including the Muslim community, MCD, however, said if everyone acted as responsible citizens, then at least the panic could be curbed, besides preventing developing hatred against any particular community.

The council appealed to Tablighi Jammat members of Nagaland to kindly and voluntarily do the needful if anyone of them had attended Nizamuddin or any other religious congregations in the last one month.

As per local report, according to the Nagaland state government, two persons from Nagaland were found to have attended the Tablighi Jamaat conference in Delhi in March.

However, initial figures from the state Health Department and the Muslim Council Dimapur (MCD) pointed to only one person from Dimapur attending the congregation.

While the Health department later stood by the state government figure, the MCD reiterated that only one person attended the conference in the Nizamuddin neighbourhood of Delhi in March.


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